Tips for Group Discussion

At the outset, you have to ensure that you are seen by the evaluating panel to have made a meaningful contribution. Also, you have to ensure that group members listen to you. This does not mean that you should shout at the top of your voice and are noticed for the wrong reasons.

You have to be assertive. If you are not an assertive person, you will have to simply learn to be assertive. Remember that assertiveness does not mean being arrogant.

You have to take your chances and speak up whenever you get a chance. Nobody will give you chance to speak.

The key tip for Group Discussion is to participate in as many practice Group Discussions as possible before you attend the actual Group

  • You should have good knowledge of the topic.
  • Your contribution should be meaningful. You should state your arguments logically.
  • Everybody will state the obvious points. So, highlight some points that are not so obvious. This will make you stand out from the crowd.
  • You must be clearly seen by the evaluating panel that you are trying to build a consensus.
  • Read newspapers, magazines and watch news channels on current issues to keep yourself abreast of all the contemporary issues.
  • Knowledge itself is not sufficient. You should be well versed in expressing your feeling in front of a group of strangers.
  • Be natural and express your own views.
  • Before you start speaking in Group Discussion, think on the key issues in the topic quickly. Start speaking only after you have clearly analysed the topic.
  • Avoid speaking in turn as it leads to an unnatural discussion. Even though there will certainly be chaos in most competitive Group Discussions since all members want to be heard. Speak up whenever you get a chance.