How to write an effective SOP?

A well-written Statement of Purpose (SoP) can open the doors to the best B-Schools. The main problem with using an objective application form to evaluate MBA applicants is that there is almost nothing outside the academics to categorically judge.

It is useful to have one-page summary of a person, but not very helpful when we want to understand the applicant’s aptitude and future prospects. But more information about their aspirations, likes and dislikes, fears and more will be helpful. That is why an effective SoP is important. It can tell a convincing story that a typical application with basic facts and figures (like marks) just cannot.

Below are the steps to write an effective SoP:


This is about summarizing all key events that have happened in your life that have impacted your thoughts & actions, and made you who you are today and what you wish to be tomorrow. You have to create a list of such events first and then eliminate the ones that you think are not relevant to share with the universities.

Put them within context

After introspection, you have to put them all within context. When you apply for MBA, you want an academic upgrade. And there is a bigger objective – Getting a job! You need to be clear about both. What are you expecting from MBA? And why do you place your bets on this university?

Writing the SoP

Start writing and for the first draft, don’t worry about the word-count, grammatical mistakes and typos. Try to get all those brilliant thoughts out of your head and into the file. This is our raw material. We need to give it shape and form. Read it aloud. You will get a better idea of how someone else would be reading it.

Reviewing the SoP

In the next few review and editing rounds, work towards chopping off extra words and work on the flow, impact, relevance and presentation. After a few rounds, your brain will start going numb. This is a good time to bring in external reviewers. But ensure that the external reviewer is objective and unbiased, has good knowledge of how the admissions process works and how admission team evaluates profiles.

This is a quick trip of what you have to do in order to write an effective SoP that will impress the admissions team.